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Dan the Bard!
 Call Dan at: 630-926-0559
Songs about Dragons and the 
Dungeons in which they dwell!
Dan the Bard composes, records, and performs music about Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime, Steampunk, Zombies, Vampires, Video Games, and much, much more!  Also check out:


Dan the Bard ® , ,  Still working on website.  Not sure what to do with this thing down here...

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The Whiskey Brothers Irish Band!  
EVERY SUNDAY 5:30-7:30 at 
Ballydoyle Irish Pub in Downers Grove, IL
I won't be there when the Ren Faire starts, July5th-Labor Day, but the band will be!  This is a traditional acoustic show, just like session music in Ireland.  I play mandolin, penny whistle, and bodhran.  My band sits at a table, plays jigs, reels, drinking songs, etc... and we drink.  Very fun, family friendly, no cover!  For a complete Whiskey Brothers Schedule, visit our website below!  We have a TON of gigs in MARCH!

Have you hugged an 
Owlbear today?

MARCH 5th.
 GARY  CON VIII!  Lake Geneva, WI.  I will be in Linwood/maplelawn foyer all day.  
CODCON XX.  April 11th 2015. College of DuPage in Lombard, IL.  1PM
June 2014
DUCKCON!  In Wheeling, IL at the Westin. I was the Filk Artist Guest of Honor!  www.duckon.org

WINDYCON!  Saturday and Sunday November 11-12.


Hanging out in lobby all day, plus
1pm Kinderfilk
2PM Concert
3PM another concert (Bard Camp!)
OPCON! Oak Park River Forest High School!  May 9th.  Time TBA
ACEN! Anime Central!  May 15-16th
May 15th  5:45 Story Time in the Kids Room
8:45 Concert "somewhere"check the program
Saturday May 16th 4PM Storytime in the Kids Room
6:45 Concert "somewhere" check the program

I will also be wandering and hanging at the Bristol Booth.

WINDY CON!   ​It is in November I think...
Dan the Bard at Chicago's Geek Bar!  Friday, September 25th, 8PM!  Sponsored by Windycon.  Other groups too...facebook link will be up shortly...

Dan the Bard at CON on THE COB!  Richfield, OH.  www.cononthecob.com 
​October 16-18

Dan the Bard at GameholeCon!  www.gameholecon.com
November 7-9.

Dan the Bard at WINDYCON!  www.windycon.org  November 13-15

​Dan the Bard at Capricon!  March 12-13th!
Where? The Westin North in Wheeling.  Concert Friday night 8:30-10 and I'm wandering all Day Saturday and signing CDs at 3:15.  www.capricon.org  www.facebook.com/capricon
The Drunken Gnome Illusionist       Bard Camp!        The Demi-Human Drinking Song
Stupid, Stupid Player               Phyll the Phoenix            Don't Mess with the Druids
Look, I got the licensing to do my Game of Thrones Song Parody!!