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Dan the Bard!
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Portals to Other Planes of Existence...otherwise known as LINKS!
I'm networking.  These are some awesome sites you should visit.  Some of them are even mine!
This is my original website when I was first starting out.  I don't use it much, and I get a couple of gigs a year out of it.  I thought I would get a lot more period music gigs, but it didn't work out that way. Nonetheless, bardsong.net still lives!
My Irish Band!  Check it out!  We are the least ambitious group of ridiculously talented musicians I know.  We like playing acoustic session music at local pubs (especially Ballydoyle!) though we are known to play huge festival stage and casinos as well.  
Phoenixlore.com is awesome.  It's run by the most famous author and editor, Penny Williams.  She used to work with Gary Gygax and the TSR team back in the day. Her husband, Skip Williams, wrote 3rd edition!  This is a free website full of resources, humor, and of course, Dan the Bard!  It is here you can find archives of my many commissioned songs, available for download!
Ah, the Bristol Renaissance Faire!  My home away from home, time, space, and temporal continuity.  I started performing there in 1995, and have been the music director there since 2001.  It is a magical place, like Tahiti but with turkey legs.  Same climate, though...
Judith Heineman and I have been doing music and storytelling for 14 years.  Judith is a master storyteller and an amazing woman.  She tells the tales, and I play the lute and sing the songs. Combined, we have played over 300 libraries, schools, universities, community centers and museums over the last 14 years.  
The Drunken Gnome Illusionist
The Owlbear Song
There are SERIOUSLY A LOT of YouTube Videos of me, in no small part due to the Wiedyk brothers, Jon and Roger.  Thanks guys!  I may post a bunch more at a later time, but you can find the others through one of these two.  Have fun!