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Bard Camp!   (2011)
Featuring: Zombie Apocalypse Love Story, Zenzadunk the Drunken Monk, and Farewell Dwarven Miner!
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Manticores and Owlbears  (2009)
Featuring: The Drunken Gnome Illusionist, Pete the Polymorpher, and of course, The Owlbear Song.
Unicorns and Dragons (2007)
Don't Mess with the Druids, Tom the Barbarian, and My Work Doth Bite the Devil's Bum, to name a few...
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"Dan the Bard is a genius"
- Roger Wiedyk
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Grimm's Grimmest: The Darker Side of Fairytales (2009)
Recorded with my storytelling partner Judith Heineman.  These are the original tales of the Brothers Grimm as they were intended for adults.  Matricide, fratricide, child abuse, and cannibalism all included.  It has won three national storytelling awards! 
You will also find my rare unpublished commissioned songs in addition to CD's and Lyrics at my most awesome fan page:
Everything's Better... (2010)
Everything's better when you're drinking with the Whiskey Brothers!  This is my Irish band.  We're awesome.   Bodran, penny whistle, fiddle, guitars and four part drunken harmony! This CD is not currently available at CDbaby or Itunes, but you can order "OLD SCHOOL" style!  Email me, and I will get one to you using...THE MAIL!  $15 plus shipping.
To Walk the Land... (2001)
This is my first CD, and it's really good.  I combine music and storytelling and weave tales of knights and princesses, wizards and minstrels, and of course, the wee folk...FAIRIES!
Coming Soon:  Epic Lute, The Magic Carpet, and Luting the Castle!  Yes, three new cds!
Epic Lute  (2014)
The Magic Carpet: Songs and Stories from
Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt (2014)
Featuring: Magic Random Fountain, Hot Gamer Wife, and Stupid, Stupid Player!
Featuring: The Mesopotamian Timeline Song, The Legend of Osiris, and THE MUMMY SONG!