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Canterbury Village in Michigan

June 3-4, 10-11

Join me at the Bristol Ren Faire this summer! July 8 through Labor Day! I will be gone August 5-6

GenCon too! August 3-6!

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Random Song Generator!

Roll D %!

1. "ADHD Teenager"

2. "All Things Elven"

3. "Aramil’s Annoying Sword"

4. "The Ballad of Bagovia"

5. "Bard Camp!"

6. "Bardsong +1"

7. "Barry the Beholder"

8. "The Blue Dragon Butt Song"

9. "Bowler Hat Drow"

10. "Brother Macalaster"

11. "Buphoe The Bardic Cheerleader"

12. "Caerdroian Whalefolder"

13. "Crit Happens"

14. "Danime The Bard"

15. "Darth Whiskey"

16. "The Demi-Human Drinking Song"

17. "Demon Bat Familiar"

18. "Dethmetal Bugbear"

19. "Difficult Parents"

20. "Don't Mess with the Druids"

21. "Down in My Bag of Holding"

22. "Drink Drink Drink"

23. "Drink Man Drink"

24. "Drunken Gnome Illusionist"

25. "Easter Bunny Ninja Halfling"

26. "Farewell Dwarven Miner"

27. "Fingon the Fell"

28. "Fishbear"

29. "Folding Boat Sea Shanty"

30. "Fred the Ranger"

31. "Frito the Friendly Giant"

32. "Game of Thrones Song"

33. "Gamers' Lullaby"

34. "Granger Vaxed Bristol"

35. "Harpy the Harpy"

36. "Hellbreaker Five"

37. "Hot Gamer Wife"

38. "Indecisive Gauntlet"

39. "It's DnD!"

40. "Klingons at Bristol"

41. "Loretta the Thief"

42. "Magic Random Fountain"

43. "Magneedo vs Ghandalph"

44. "The Mana Potion Drinking Song"

45. "Morton the Sorcerer"

46. "Mummies on Parade"

47. "My Dex is Higher than Yours"

48. "My Work Doth Bite

49. "Nate the Necromancer"

50. "The Ould Epic Lute"

51. "Our Cleric Beat Up Our Bard"

52. "The Owlbear Song"

53. "A Paladin in Hell"

54. "The Party That Died"

55. "The Pegasus Song"

56. "Pete the Polymorpher"

57. "Phyll the Phoenix"

58. "Polyhedrons Rule"

59. "Portable Hole Goes Boom"

60. "Procrastinating Demilich"

61. "The Red Dragon Inn"

62. "Ricky the Bard"

63. "Screaming And Poo"

64. "Screw You, DM!"

65. "Shut the Hell Up and Sit Down"

66. "The Spellcraft Song"

67. "Steampunk Weekend"

68. "Stop Talking in the Dungeon!"

69. "Stupid, Stupid Player"

70. "Tom Barbarian"

71. "Undead Bardsong,+1"

72. "Unicorns and Dragons"

73. "A Very Special Thunksgiving"

74. "Wharrior Jeezus"

75. "When Gamers Fall In Love"

76. "When Jack was a Boy"

77. "With Less Power Comes Less…"

78. "Worst Rebel Ever"

79. "Zenzadunk the Drunken Monk"

80. "Zombie Apocalypse Love Story"

81. OwlBear 2.0

82. OwlBear 3.0

83. Irish Drinking Song

84-100 Tip the Bard!

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A Bardic Journey

Since I was 10 years old and got my first DnD book, I wanted to be a bard. Sure, rangers and wizards are cool, but you gotta play to your strengths and mine was music and being a dork. Now I record songs, take commissions, and do my best to make every day an adventure!


432 Cambdridge Way


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