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01 It's Dnd!
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Hey...working on webstore and site January and February 2024...

please lower your expectations as I figure it out. 

Follow me on facebook for up to date schedules! (link below)

Store will have T-Shirts, CD's and whatever else I can put on there.

-Dan the Bard


Faire Folk Spring Revel!

Sunday, March 17th

At the Historic Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery in Milwaukee!

It was a blast laster year and this year we get the whole building!

3 PM I think.

CodCon! (College of DuPage Con!)

APRIL 13TH. Maybe I'll get a booth this year...Show time to be announced. Again, follow on facebook.

Canterbury Village in Michigan

June 1-2, 8-9...could be a week later they haven't confirmed but

they said they want me back so cross your fingers.


June 19-23!

Join me at the Bristol Ren Faire this summer!

July 6th through Labor Day! I will be gone August 1-4

GenCon too! August 1-4!


Stronghold Olde English Faire

October 7-8

A charming castle in scenic Oregon, IL! 

I'll be playing with Ogham,

the amazing traditional Irish duo of T.J. and Amanda!

Lodge Con

Saturday, November 4th

A great little gamer convention in Peotone, IL

at the Will County Faire Grounds


Windy Con!

Saturday, November 11th

I'm sure I'll do a show or play in the hall or something...I'm not a special guest...

but I am special. And local. Fun show! Check facebook for details

Follow me on Facebook!



$5/month, all the songs.

Commissions too!

Support this bard! 

with a tip at Venmo or PayPal

Online store currently under construction...I think there's two items there!


Here are some links to my CD's on Youtube.

You can also download any of these albums at

To Walk the Land (2001)

Unicorns and Dragons (2006)

Manticores and Owlbears (2009)

Grimm's Grimmest (2009)

Cross Genre References (2012)

The Magic Carpet (2014)

CDBaby YouTube Playlist        Spotify           Apple Music



A Bardic Journey

Since I was 10 years old and got my first DnD book, I wanted to be a bard. Sure, rangers and wizards are cool, but you gotta play to your strengths and mine was music and being a dork. Now I record songs, take commissions, and do my best to make every day an adventure!

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